Team Black Sheep / Drone Squad Partnership Press Release

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Monday 10th, 2016 — Team Black Sheep, the leading manufacturer of Drone Sport Avionics and Drone Squad, the leader in Drone Sport Software, today announced a technology integration partnership. The first product launching today is called the TBS RaceTracker. The wireless, internet connected device, integrated with the Drone Squad App, will allow drone racers to easily transform any location into a competitive race course with live timing and interactive LED features for spectators.

“We are proud to partner with Drone Squad”, said Raphael “Trappy” Pirker, CEO for Team Black Sheep. “We were one of the first companies in the first person view drone market in 2007 and while Drone Squad is a relative newcomer, they have quickly proven to be the most innovative software company in the drone sport industry. Matching our hardware capabilities with their software expertise was the only way we could see delivering this level of innovation.” 

With the emergence of Drone Racing on ESPN and online video platforms, millions of people have shown interest in this new, fast growing sport. But simply competing in drone race with friends, let alone a large group of people, has been expensive and technically complicated, limiting competition to a small amount of events. Now with the TBS Race Tracker and the Drone Squad App, friends, teams and clubs around the world can easily run world class races at their favorite flying locations -- outside or indoors.

“Making this new sport accessible to everyone has always been the goal of DroneSquad.”, said Pete Mauro, CEO of DroneSquad. “Our software has been used to manage hundreds of events in over 60 countries worldwide. With the TBS RaceTracker, we are extremely excited to offer the capability to manage and participate in events without any hassles.”


TBS Avionics Co Ltd. is a Hong Kong based leading Sport Drone manufacturer. Founded by pioneers of first person view piloting, TBS offers entry- and pro-level premium drones in ready to fly packages as well as accessories and parts for professional builders. With a Hong Kong shipping facility and dealers in over 40 countries, TBS is the global leader for the first person view hobby. Visit the web store at, check out the TBS RaceTracker, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Drone Squad is on a mission to connect drone pilots around the world for fun and competition.

The Drone Squad social app is used in over 60 countries by pilots, teams and clubs. The mobile app enables pilots to discover local meet-ups and gives race organizers the tools they need to run world class drone racing events. Drone Squad handles event planning, registration and race logistics such as heat management and timing. Real time race information and stats allows fans to follow the action as the race unfolds.

Drone Squad is a Los Angeles based technology startup. Learn more at Download the Drone Squad App, follow Drone Squad on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


If you’d like more information or to schedule an interview with Pete Mauro or Raphael Pirker, please contact Pete Mauro at, +1 408-306-7430 or Skype: pmauro.