Big News for Drone Racers and Organizers

Drone Racers have been Training like Crazy

We pulled some stats for fun and according to Drone Squad training session data, Drone Pilots from the U.S.A. TIMED 91,000 practice laps going into the 2017 race season. 🇺🇸   See all the stats on the Facebook post

Follow the 2017 Race Season

A bunch of people on the Facebooks and the Internets were asking for this, so check out 🌏  🏁

Major Server Upgrade


The amount of growth that we have experienced over the last 3 months has been insane. Unfortunately it took a toll on our performance and uptime. So we increased our server capacity by 300% and are working on a long term infrastructure project to make everything scalable on demand. 🤓  For us, the app needs to be more responsive so we are working on that too.

In the Drone Squad Lab

Standalone RaceTracker App - Alpha Testing

Drone Squad RF Based Race Timing System for 6 Racing Quads Coming Soon

Wut! Did we bury the lead story? 😛  We heard your feedback loud and clear. You want to time races with your buddies and do it without internet. So, no more keeping my mouth shut. We have been working on a standalone Race Timing app for racers for a while. 🏁  The backstory deserves it's own email. Are you stoked about this?

This next version is gonna be way easier to use too. Message us in the app if you need help or check out this new quick setup video by Smurfy FPV.

Push Messaging for Organizers - Launching Tomorrow

Drone Squad App Push Messaging for Drone Race Meetup Organizers

Duh, we know you can't build a community without messaging. But that RaceTracker app... We need help! Where my drone racing devs at!? 🎮 🤓 💻  React, Cordova, Node... If you know what I am talking about, lets talk. If you love drones it doesn't get better.

Phew, that's enough already.


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