Drone Squad Local Chat (Beta)


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Our number one feature request from local organizers and pilots was messaging. Our app let's organizers build local FPV groups insanely well but there was a problem - pilots could not talk to each other. So this was our solution. 

Q:Why are you doing public chat?

A: We have public chat channels like #DroneSquad and #TBS that anyone in the world will see. And then there is a chat channel for each Drone Squad group that you belong to. That's where it gets local. 

Q: How do I change my profile pic?

A: You can do that in our app. Download it here.

Q: How do I make a feature request?

A: Message us on our website, social, etc.

Note: This FAQ will be updated frequently as we get questions.

Coming Soon

  • Private Messaging
  • Email notifications
  • What else would you like to see?

Big News for Drone Racers and Organizers

Drone Racers have been Training like Crazy

We pulled some stats for fun and according to Drone Squad training session data, Drone Pilots from the U.S.A. TIMED 91,000 practice laps going into the 2017 race season. 🇺🇸   See all the stats on the Facebook post

Follow the 2017 Race Season

A bunch of people on the Facebooks and the Internets were asking for this, so check out DroneRacingCalendar.com. 🌏  🏁

Major Server Upgrade


The amount of growth that we have experienced over the last 3 months has been insane. Unfortunately it took a toll on our performance and uptime. So we increased our server capacity by 300% and are working on a long term infrastructure project to make everything scalable on demand. 🤓  For us, the app needs to be more responsive so we are working on that too.

In the Drone Squad Lab

Standalone RaceTracker App - Alpha Testing

Drone Squad RF Based Race Timing System for 6 Racing Quads Coming Soon

Wut! Did we bury the lead story? 😛  We heard your feedback loud and clear. You want to time races with your buddies and do it without internet. So, no more keeping my mouth shut. We have been working on a standalone Race Timing app for racers for a while. 🏁  The backstory deserves it's own email. Are you stoked about this?

This next version is gonna be way easier to use too. Message us in the app if you need help or check out this new quick setup video by Smurfy FPV.

Push Messaging for Organizers - Launching Tomorrow

Drone Squad App Push Messaging for Drone Race Meetup Organizers

Duh, we know you can't build a community without messaging. But that RaceTracker app... We need help! Where my drone racing devs at!? 🎮 🤓 💻  React, Cordova, Node... If you know what I am talking about, lets talk. If you love drones it doesn't get better.

Phew, that's enough already.


The Guy Behind Drone Squad

$2,500 Drone Gear Week 2 Leaderboard

Do you see your club?

$1,000 Gold Prize Package

More than 50 members

LAFPV - 167% growth this week!
Tilt Squad - New

$750 Silver Prize Package

11-50 members

About to hit the Gold Level

Our local Los Angeles supporters were fast off the line but word is spreading to Drone Squad pilots in the 83 other countries.

FRIL - FPV Racing Israel League
Inland Empire FPV (IEFPV)
LA TinyWhoop
San Gabriel Valley FPV
So Cal Rotor Racing - MGP - 240% growth this week!

The Rest of the Silver Pack

Aarhus Race Crew
Aloha FPV
Aurora-Parker-Denver FPV Rotorcross
Bakersfield Multirotor
Bay Area Drone Racing
Boise FPV
Buckeye FPV Racing
Caboolture FPV
Columbus Multirotor Club
Drone On Fpv
FPV Multirotor M\'fcnchen
FPV Racing Nederland
FPV South
FPV South Yorkshire
Harrisburg Area Multirotor Racers
Kwad Club
Las Vegas Drone Club
Lbc flyers
Long Island FPV
Maui FPV Drone Racing (MFDR)
Micro FPV
Midwest RotorSports
MultiGP Berlin Aerial
Multirotor Fyn
Nebraska Drone Racing
Nor Cal MicroFPV.Racing
North Ga R/C Flyers
Poole & Bournemouth miniquad club
Renegade Racing
Rippin' AZ
Rocket city FPV
Rotorcrossnz National
Sacramento Multigp
Silver Drone
South Bay FPV
South OC FPV
Team MRO
Team Slunse
Team-legit's DronesNHobbies
The other Guys
TMR Tauranga Multi Rotors
Waikato Grass Roots Racing
West LA quads

$350 Bronze Package

3-10 members

About to Hit Silver

Adelaide FPV Racing
Alaska Drone Racing League
Denver Aurora Quad Fliers
Flight Club
Flight Club Nz
FPV Nord
FPV Wairarapa
Jacksonville fpv racing
Louisville Flying Machines
Lower Bucks County FPV Junkies
Maineiac miniquad club.
Mile High Gate Crashers
North Atlanta Drone Squad - N.A.D.S.
Old Apples Drone Club
Overdose Racing
Prowler Fpv
Ventura Freestyle Club
Whoopin tour '17
Wondrous drones & friends

The Rest of the Bronze Pack

"Swag South
4 Racers" *
072 Drone Racing
2017 CES Las Vegas
507 Flyers
Air Force Juan
Almost Pro
Arizona MultiGP FPV Drone Racing & FreeStyle
Augusta Rotocross
Austin Micro Brushed FPV Racers
Ayrborne FPV
Back Corner Quads
Barefoot Racing (Lex, KY)
Battle grounds
Battlground FPV
BCN sud
Bellarine Peninsula fpv freestyle acro quads.
Black Hills FPV Drone Racers
Bluegrass FPV Racing
Bndz Race
Bozeman FPV
Burn ya ESC
Cambridgeshire&Bedfordshire fpv group
Camp Humphreys R/C & Mulitrotors
Canberra FPV
Cape Coral Drones
Carolina FPV
Cebu Drone Racing Club
Central Ms Drone Racers
Chicago Drone Racing League (Synergy FPV)
Cigar City MultiRotors
Circle City Pod Racers
Cologne FPV
concrete knights
Copter Crew
CR Quad flight
Csa Quadcopter
CT Drone Racers
CT/NY Flight Crew
DBV Micro Racers
Death Drones
Deceptakwads Charlotte
Deland Drones FPV
Denver freestyle squad
Desoto FPV racers
Detroit Aces
DRL Iceland
Drone Club Rhein Neckar
Drone Laurentides
Drone Out The Noise
Drone rebels
Drone Squad
Drone squad racers elk grove
Drones Over Girlfriends
DRTC - Drone Racing Team Croatia
Dutchess County Drone's
DX FPV Field
EastSussex FPV.
Edinburgh FPV
Eifel FPV
Elemental FPV
Essex Drone racing
Essex fpv
F.R.E Australia
Falkirk drone club
Far North FPV RotorcrossNZ
Flying Drones For Fun
Flying Fischkopp
FPV \'d8stfold *
FPV 010 Rotteram
FPV 078 Drechtsteden
FPV Brain
Fpv Bruchhausen-Vilsen
FPV by the sea
FPV Chiemgau
Fpv Chile
FPV Costa Rica
FPV Everything
FPV Flying Dragons Kurpfalz
FPV group of the North
FPV Hawkes Bay
FPV in Tel Aviv
Fpv jElita
FPV Oslo
FPV Ottawa
FPV Pirates
FPV Racers Potchefstroom
FPV Racing NRW
FPV Racing Pampanga
FPV Racing Twente
FPV Uppsala
FPVollgas Germany
Freedom FPV
Freestyle Fpv Lausanne
French Flyers
Full Tilt FPV Racing
FunFPV De Condors
FXQ F\'f3rmula Xquad chapter Monterrey *
Gem City Quads
German drone racing league
Glacier racers
Hacienderos FPV
Hamilton / Burlington Skyway Screamers
Hannover Guerilla Quads
Hartlepool drones
Hawaii Drone Racing
Headcase FPV Heilbronn
Hermitage Quads
Hochfranken PowerSqad
House of KWAD Team
HR/Littleton Ripping Squad
Idk Drones I Guess
IDRL Delhi
Indy 5
Island Flyers
Island Racers
Juarez Drone Racing
Kemerovo Dron Club
Kingdom FPV
Kona Gold Multirotors
Kopter Club Braunschweig
Kutztown Drones and Quadcopters
Kwad Rippers
KZN South Coast UAV Pilots
La Croix du Sud 78 France
LakeQwad Clan
Lakeshore FPV
Lewiston Idaho Fpv Pilots
LIDSL - Long Island Drone Sports League
Limitless Drone Racing
Lock Haven Drone Squad
Lule\'e5 Freeflight
Mad Rats FPV
MaDa FPV Riders
Magdeburger Kleindronenrennflugvereinigung
MAMIC (Middle Aged Men In Carbon)
Manchester FPV Flyers
Marin FPV
Mchenry county quad racers
MFDR - Test & Debugging Group
Middleburg FPV
Mini Quad Rio
MMRC - Maine Multi-Rotor Club
Moberly Flyers
Montr\'e9al area FPV racing*
Moreno valley fpv
Mpls Flight Club
Multi Rotor Mafia
Murfreesboro Multirotors
New England FPV and Drone club
New House Rc Club
Niagara FPV Squad
NordCup-AirRacer Germany
North Bergen FVP and fun fly
North East FPV
nsk race group
NWA Drones
Oakdale Quad Squad
Ocean State Freestlye
Ohio Kwad squad
Omaha Drone
Ottavia's Gardens Squad
Oxfordshire FPV Racers
Palmy FPV
Pamlico fpv
Parklands Pilots
Pasig Fliers
PDC (Paulding Drone Club)
PDX FPV Racers
Pegasus FPV
Peoria Drone Racers
Philadelphia Area Racing Quads
Phoenix Micro Mobbers
Phoenix RC Club
Phoenix Squad
Photo Drones
PLM Roman Squad
PMA Racers
Port Elizabeth Multirotor Group
Portugal Margem Sul FPV
Poznan FPV Racing Team
Prop Fiction
Quad Lads
Quad Life
Quad Mafia
qUAd OUtlAws
QUAD squad
Race em' Break em' Fix em' Fly em' Again!
Racer W\'fcrzburg und Umgebung*
Racing Drone Madrid
RatRace FPV
RC Team Austria
Red Zone Racing
Redding Flyers
Remote Racing Tacoma
Rhode Island Drone Racing
Rimrock UAV meet Ups
Rip squad
Rippingyyc quads
Rock Hard FPV
Rotorsport Addiction
Rotorua Drone Racers
Rula aerodynamik och leksaker.
RVA Multirotor
Saint George Crash and Bashers
San Jose FPV Drone
Seattle Multirotors
SFBayArea Kwads
Sheboygan drone club
Sky High
Sky's the limit
Soflo Multirotor Squad
SOKY Multirotors
South Coast Quad Squad
South Mississippi RC Community
South of the River flyers
Southwest Pod Racing
Speed Trials & Practice
St. Augustine Rotor Racers
Suizide Quad Racer's
T\'e9l\'e9 pilotes *
Tahiti FPV Racing
Tasman Quad Racers Association
Tayside quadraphilliacs
Team Big League Mayhem (BLM)
Team DTF
Team FlightClub
Team IceBoxx
Team KA-Nickel
TEAM N\'d6*
Team NakRak
Team PID (Pilots In Dakota)
Team south rotors
Team White Rabbit
Test Your Builds
The Good Life Drone Racing
The Youngns
Tiny Whoop GP Central Coast
Tiny Whoop NH, Boston / North Shore, Southern Maine
Tulsa Drone Racers
UAD-Urban Air Drone
Ulricehamn FPV
Underground FPV
Up in the air local s
Vol dans le Jura Suisse
WB Drone Racers Netherlands
West coast multirotor
West Coast Props
West Houston FPV
West Michigan
West Side Boys
West Tokyo Quad Racers (WTQR)
West Tokyo Tiny Whoopers (WTTW)
Western Carolinas FPV
Western Slope FPV
Whoop It Up FPV
Whoopy NL
WildBoar Fpv Racing Team
World Cup Sevilla
Wyoming Drone Escadrille
Xcopter TEAM
\f1 \uc0\u55356 \u56818 \u55356 \u56808 *
\f4 \'b5\'da *

* Will get proper formatting for special characters in the next leaderboard


Team Black Sheep and Drone Squad are Teaming Up to Create Drone Sport Hardware


Our team is excited to be working with Team Black sheep, one of the first companies in the first person view drone market in 2007.

The first product launching today is called the TBS RaceTrackerThe wireless, internet connected device, integrated with the Drone Squad App, will allow drone racers to easily transform any location into a competitive race course with live timing.

“We are proud to partner with Drone Squad”, said Raphael “Trappy” Pirker, CEO for Team Black Sheep. “While Drone Squad is a relative newcomer, they have quickly proven to be the most innovative software company in the drone sport industry. Matching our hardware capabilities with their software expertise was the only way we could see delivering this level of innovation.” 

With the emergence of Drone Racing on ESPN and online video platforms, millions of people have shown interest in this new, fast growing sport. But simply competing in drone race with friends, let alone a large group of people, has been expensive and technically complicated, limiting competition to a small amount of events. Now with the TBS Race Tracker and the Drone Squad App, friends, teams and clubs around the world can easily run world class races at their favorite flying locations -- outside or indoors.

Making this new sport accessible to everyone has always been the goal of DroneSquad. Our software has been used to manage hundreds of events in over 60 countries worldwide. With the TBS RaceTracker, we are stoked to offer the capability to manage and participate in events without any hassles.

Want to discuss this? Head over to our new community forum and talk to the Drone Squad and Team Black Sheep teams.


Los Angeles Drone National Qualifier Results, June 25 2016

The Drone Squad team was stoked to power the LAFPV / FPV ACES race event in Los Angeles. It was so hot that we measured the astro-turf at 160 degrees and our judging monitors kept on resetting! But heat aside, it was a great race to watch.

Los Angeles Drone Nationals Qualifier, Hosted by LAFPV and FPV Aces. Race Management and Live Spectating by Drone Squad

The points format (one point per gate, cumulative through all rounds) and the freedom to skip a gate (not flags) introduced some really interesting race strategies. And of course, everyone got to follow the standings live in the Drone Squad app.

As announced the top 5 racers would get a bid to Drone Nationals. However, a few of those top 5 already have a bid so pilots finishing 6, 7th, etc may have a chance. Stay tuned, IDRA will be making an announcement shortly and we will post an update here.

  1. Christian "Provo" Petersen // 119 pts
  2. Jake "Yubeta.Blv" Yubeta // 101 pts
  3. Matt "Macdepot" Leewaye // 98 pts
  4. Manny "Arknabbit" Acera // 96 pts
  5. Vince "Aerial_Engineer" Murdzak // 95 pts

IDRA UPDATE: Christian and Jake Yubeta both qualified through previous races so Jarred and Rich (6th and 7th place) will receive 2016 Drone National certificates.

Here are the full results - racers tap and save an image to share it on the internets:

  1. Christian "Provo" Petersen 119 pts
  2. Jake "Yubeta.Blv" Yubeta 101 pts
  3. Matt "Macdepot" Leewaye 98 pts
  4. Manny "Arknabbit" Acera 96 pts
  5. Vince "Aerial_Engineer" Murdzak 95 pts
  6. Jarred "Rhodehunter" Rhodes 91 pts
  7. Rich "Rich" Howarth 85 pts
  8. Francis "Siganberg" Marasigan 78 pts
  9. Sergio "Dr.-Pyro" Marachi 71 pts
  10. Levi "Leviathan" Dixon 69 pts
  11. Conrad "Furadi" Miller 64 pts
  12. Austin "The Kraken" Gossard 54 pts
  13. Chris "Garz" Garza 47 pts
  14. Zack "ZackAttackFPV" Schiffelbein 40 pts
  15. Kyle "Sdsurfnsand" Varonfakis 39 pts
  16. Elliot Irving 37 pts
  17. Ashton "Drobot Racer" Gamble 36 pts
  18. Cornell "Racerflux" Herg 35 pts
  19. Pete "Cobra" Carbin 33 pts
  20. Brandon "RuthlessFPV" Souz 33 pts
  21. Frank "PROSPMAN" Lee 32 pts
  22. Mike "Hattybin" Hatfield 32 pts
  23. Sean "deconSEAN" Yun 32 pts
  24. Jerome "Platnumb" Friesenhahn 32 pts
  25. Robert "Random Hero" Meyers 32 pts
  26. Ori "Mōni" Paamoni 31 pts
  27. Chris "M3" Wang 30 pts
  28. James "J9 Quik" Moses 29 pts
  29. James "James" Kahn 29 pts
  30. Vic "Vic" Mikhail 25 pts
  31. JD "J_Dredd" Mora 25 pts
  32. Brian "Grass" Grass 24 pts
  33. Keith "Keith" Robertson 23 pts
  34. Chuy "Chuy-bacca" Wong 23 pts
  35. Israel "Izzy" Chagollan 22 pts
  36. Alex "Mov" Moaveni 20 pts
  37. Michael "MadMikey" Carmenaty 20 pts
  38. Chris "Rec" Poulson 20 pts
  39. Ricky "Pretty Ricky" Martinez 19 pts
  40. Kenji "Ghost" Shum 19 pts
  41. Jeff "Calidrone" Payne 19 pts
  42. Jonathan "Shabbin.fpv" Rincon 18 pts
  43. Jonathan "jlituco" Lituco 18 pts
  44. Jarin "Jarin" Gayle 18 pts
  45. Maurice "MANGO_FPV" Sallave 17 pts
  46. Alex Lesner 17 pts
  47. thi "Thibo.fpvee" v 16 pts
  48. Dat "GimmeProps" Le 16 pts
  49. Addy (Adam) "AddyZfly" Lang 15 pts
  50. Khoren "ZEPPLER" Mirzakhanian 14 pts
  51. Bryan "nine" Magno 12 pts
  52. Bob "Kabab" Roogi 11 pts
  53. James "James" Gfeller 10 pts
  54. Kyle "InteousFPV" Serrano 10 pts
  55. John "Racerjohnny" Pihl 10 pts
  56. kevin "Boss Nacho" Moore 10 pts
  57. Sam polin 9 pts
  58. Angel "Agile" Campos 9 pts
  59. James "Jamestheripper" McGee 8 pts
  60. Shane "Shane St.Clair" St. Clair 6 pts
  61. Juan "J Garcia" Garcia 4 pts
  62. Jake "Jake" Joyner 3 pts
  63. Skip "CannaBot" Walton 2 pts
  64. Benny "Gypsyfpv" Small 0 pts