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In just under one year Drone Squad has become the leader in connecting FPV pilots for fun and competition.

Unlike other forms of drone related advertising, our platform can help you reach the right pilot at the right time in the right way. For example, we have the ability to send targeted push notifications to pilots that have a proven 10x response rate over other delivery methods such as email.

Here's some more about us: 

 Number One Drone Racing App

Drone Squad pilots don't just talk about flying, they use our platform every day to connect with local pilots and rip packs.

Micro-drone pilots, Pro Racers and everyone in-between love us. 😍  Read what they say about our app.

 Largest Network of FPV Clubs in the World

Pilots and organizers in over 93 countries use our app every day. And we are growing 40% every month. 📈

 Number One Drone Racing Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter has become a must read by pilots around the world. With a 35% open rate we perform 40% above industry averages. 

 Number One Drone Race Training Tool

Racers swear by our performance tools that help them shave seconds off of each lap. 

Top pro pilots and amateur racers alike use Drone Squad and the TBS RaceTracker for training. In the past 90 days, over 200,000 timed laps were recorded using our tools.

 Number One Social Flying App

We take all the hassle out of organizing meet-ups and races. And as a result we have the number one FPV social flying app by almost any metric you can think of: app store ratings, MAUs, organizers and more. 


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